Rodents and other nuisance animals can be a challenging problem in homes in metro Atlanta. Although you may live in Midtown any of the animals shown above can be living in your home right now! Why would a squirrel, opossum, or rat be living there? It usually begins in the Fall as the weather starts to get cooler. Even though this is the south, animals such as these prefer to move inside to find a warm place to spend the winter. Many times these animals were born in your attic, basement, or crawl space the previous Spring or Summer!

You might ask “Why my house?” Your house may have been built with openings that you never noticed, or the nuisance animal simply gnawed a hole to enter. The bottom line is that if your house is accessible for entry, you will eventually have unwanted tennants. Once they have found the warmth of your attic or inside a wall they bring in nuts and other food items and ride out the Winter. As Spring approaches they usually raise a litter who will be visiting you again next Winter. Sort of like snowbirds returning to Florida each Winter.

How do we handle this sort of situation? We will first evaluate the situation to determine what critter has moved in. We then will find all openings that are being used as entry points and close them using materials which cannot be chewed through again. We do this in a neat fashion to protect the beauty of your house. The next step is to trap the animals that were inside when their doorways were closed. For raccoons, opossums, and squirrels we use live traps and release the animals unharmed far from your house. Sorry rats, but we use snap traps on you. We never use poisons because of the danger to children and pets.

Since every house has a different scenario it is necessary for an inspector (not a commissioned salesman) to evaluate your situation and quote a price for our service. We guarantee each job for at least one year, and we offer an extended warranty for an extra charge. Call or e-mail us to take a look.