Mosquito Control

As everyone knows, mosquitos are flying blood-feeding insects. They breed in standing water and when mature they fly away in search of a warm blooded animal to feed on including humans. At the least they will leave you with an itchy red irritation on your skin. Some people have bad alergic reactions to the bites, also. Mosquitos are disease and parasite vectors and throughout history they are responsible for spreading maladies which have killed millions!

Since mosquitos live outside and are flying insects, total erradication of them is impossible. However, through a well planned abatement program, dramatic reduction of populations in a given area is possible.

Our approach to mosquito control is to first look for breeding areas (standing water) and eliminate them. This will help slow the egg and larval stages of the mosquitoes. The adults spend their time during the hot part of the day resting in the shade of vegetation. We spray the foliage in your yard with a micro-encapsulated insecticide which will kill adult mosquitos coming in contact with it for 30 days.

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